Grant Help! 

 President Ulysses S. Grant

President Ulysses S. Grant

Each year, the federal government awards billions of dollars in grant funding to schools, government agencies, healthcare organizations, and other public entities to improve operations and delivery of services. Many funding sources are dedicated to outreach and services that call for distance learning and telemedicine technologies.

Let us do the heavy lifting with the aid of our Partners like Polycom and Axis. Together, we will collaborate and help you navigate funding programs that best fit your project goals and objectives.  With our combined efforts and access to grant writing experts, we will identify and help you apply for grants specifically suited for telemedicine, distance learning, and other critical communications projects.   

Some grant funding programs include:

  • E-Rate
  • USDA RUS Distance Learning and Telemedicine Grant
  • Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG)
  • Affordable Care Act (ACA)


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