RealPresence OTX Studio

Uncompromised experience. Stunning visuals. Polycom OTX gives you truly life-like audio and interactive content collaboration that looks as good as being there. Polycom RealPresence OTX Studio delivers on these promises, with unrivaled quality in a package that avoids costly extra expenses for a strong return on investment. 

Interactive, flexible content collaboration

In RealPresence OTX Studio, content isn’t just an afterthought–it is designed from the ground up for rich collaboration. When everyone can share and interact with content easily and naturally, with no compromises in quality...productivity soars.

OTX Studio

OTX Studio

  • Full 1080p60 HD video and content. 
  • Three in-table monitors put content right in front of you for the best view of anything being shared. The monitors rise from the table when needed, and stay hidden when they are not, giving you plenty of work space.
  • If you want to make content front-and-center, simply move it up to one or all of the large 65” displays to put your meeting’s focus and attention on it.
  • Interact with content in real-time using Polycom VisualBoard; annotate or whiteboard from an optional 70” touch display or from your own device using Polycom RealPresence Mobile.

Lowering the cost and complexity of immersive solutions

  • It fits within standard-sized conference rooms for high-impact collaboration where you need it most.
  • H.264 High Profile uses up to 50% less bandwidth than competitor’s immersive solutions, whether calling another immersive system, in a multipoint call, or other standards-based room, desktop or mobile users.
  • The optional Complete Experience Kit, including rear wall and optimized lighting, reduces room remediation costs and gives a consistent experience for every room.
  • Native integration with Skype for Business